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Essential Dog Grooming – the Basics

Not just brushing or bathing – find out the dog grooming essentials that could literally save your dogs life. Information and tips for easy routine care, links to more expert resources, in an easy to read format with beautiful photos…

Cat Brushing, Bathing & Teeth Cleaning

Cats need a little help with brushing and bathing – and did you know how to clean their teeth and why you’d do it? Top tips, advice on where to get further professional expert advice, money saving ideas and more… by cat owners for cat owners!

Rabbit & Small Animal Grooming

If you’ve got a rabbit, guinea pig, hamster or gerbil, there’s a few easy care tips you need to know to prevent easily avoidable diseases. Find out how in this easy to read article, with top tips on pet grooming, links to expert care sheets and more…

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